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Electrical tips from the experts on the Gold Coast

Storm Surge: Electrical Storms Wreak Havoc on Appliances
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With summer comes the inevitable summer thunderstorm. These can be benign or severe depending on the level of moisture in the air and amount of electrical activity in the area. Lightning, the spectacular by-product of an electrical storm, can seriously affect electrical goods in Robina, Tweed or Gold Coast homes causing hundreds of dollars of damage to the electrical systems in your home due to electrical surges associated with storm activity. In today’s article we look at surge protection options available in your household and their associated benefits.

A simple addition to your switchboard installed by the expert electricians at Sewell Electrical can be the difference between paying hundreds of dollars repairing electrical systems and appliances and escaping the a severe electrical storm with your appliances unscathed.

What are electrical surges?

An electrical surge is when too much electrical voltage runs through the wire causing the effect of excess electrical pressure. This excess pressure can inflict damage on electrical appliances especially more electrically complex machines like computers and televisions.

Excess voltage will essentially cause the wire to burst and fry the electrical components inside the appliance rendering them unusable.

How do surge protectors work?

Surge protectors work to filter a safe level of electricity to your appliances and divert excess energy safely away from power consuming goods. Surge protection devices that are installed and connected directly to a fuse-box offers a more robust solution and have a quicker response time than other devices helping them to protect against lightning strikes at close range.

Good electrical practice is to unplug all valuable electrical devices before a storm hits, however as this is not always possible surge protectors offer piece of mind for ongoing use of appliances if you are away from your home when a storm hits.

So there you have it. Surge protection for your household makes good sense. Investing in a surge protection system in your home with the help of Sewell Electrical will keep that fridge and flat-screen television buzzing but not frying. For more information about surge protection and our other services, please give our friendly team a call on 07 5529 9166 .

Electrical Safety for Children: Inside the House

Here at Sewell Electrical, we take great pride in installing the safest and the most reliable electrical systems to homes and offices all over the Gold Coast, Robina and Tweed. We have a great respect for the power of electricity, but it is important to understand that this is something that we had to learn at an early age. In today’s blog post, we will provide some tips for parents looking to make their house as safe as possible as their child begins to learn the dangers that electricity possesses.

Electricity and water

As adults, we all know some basic things about electricity. We all know for example that water is a strong conductor of electricity. Children however have absolutely no understanding of this. You must strive to teach your child as much as possible to never mix anything that runs on power with water unless you say so! You must also ensure that there isn’t the potential for any accidents e.g. having a hairdryer plugged in next to the bath.

Electricity and metal

Similar to the last note, it is very important to teach your children that they have to be very careful when using any electrical items. By being careful and teaching respect of these items, you should be able to avoid certain dangerous situations e.g. playing with a knife near a toaster.

Tell your parents!

One of the final lessons that you can teach your children is that if they are unsure about absolutely anything, they should immediately leave it and come and tell you straight away. This cautious nature may eventually save a life, so please try to stick with it.

In today’s blog post, we have outlined some of the important lessons that you can teach your child regarding electricity and the dangers that come with it.

If you are looking to have any electrical service in your house inspected, repaired or modified to be child proof, please don’t hesitate to give our team at Sewell Electrical a call today on  07 5529 9166 .

sewell electrical pty ltd electrical safety

We install and maintain safety switches

Here at Sewell Electrical, we take the safety of all of our customers very seriously. We understand and respect the fact that electricity is a powerful and natural force that we are simply harnessing for our own needs. If it is not treated with the respect that it deserves, it can prove to be dangerous – even deadly – for anyone in the near vicinity. In today’s blog post, we will put the focus on one of the important electrical safety devices that are required the majority of properties in Robina and the rest of the country – safety switches.

What are they?

Safety Switches are one of the most important defenses against electrical shock on your property. The safety switches monitor the amount of electricity that is allowed to flow through the circuits.

If the switches detect that the current is leaking from a faulty circuit, or that an electrical appliance is acting faulty, the switches will simply shut off the electricity. This small and inexpensive switch can and has saved lives. It’s that simple.

Do I have to have one?

Not only should you want to have them, you are required by law to have them installed on your property. This applies to all properties, including properties that you own, that you lease and even that you work in.

sewell electrical pty ltd safety switches

When do I need to get one?

There are a number of different scenarios where you should make it your priority to check that a series of safety switches are installed and working correctly. Times like these include when you purchase a house, when you rent a house, when you lease a house and when your sell a house.

In today’s blog post, we have discussed the importance that a safety switch can have simply by being installed in your Robina home. If you would like to find out more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Sewell Electrical today on 07 5529 9166 .

We fit and install solar panels

At Sewell Electrical we are extremely environmentally conscious, and as a result consider ourselves to be proactive in reducing the effect that our fellow citizens have on the environment. Our team of highly trained electricians have a deep understanding on how to manipulate electricity, which is why it makes perfect sense for us to help our fellow South-East Queenslanders reduce both their bills and their carbon footprint. In today’s article, we will take a close look at some of the benefits of installing Solar Panels Gold Coast in your home or office.

Lower your bills

As the cost of electricity continues to soar, many residents in South-East Queensland have been looking for alternative ways to power their homes. One of the most popular methods being used by some homes and offices is to install solar panels. Solar Panels provide a great way to utilize the natural sun, which we are so proud of here in the Sunshine State. By having solar panels on your roof you have the potential to drastically reduce the amount of electricity you need to take from the power grid, ultimately saving you money.

Save the environment

In addition to being a fantastic money saver, Solar Power is also a wonderful way to not only save the environment, but to give back to it as well. Solar Panels have the unique ability to create such an amount of power that you may not actually need it all! The great thing is that none of this power is wasted, as you are able to set your Solar Power system to return unneeded electricity back to the power grid. There are even systems in place where you can get paid for the power you supply!

In today’s article, we have explored the benefits of utilising solar panels Gold Coast to simultaneously reduce their carbon footprint and save money in the process. If you are interested in finding out more about solar power, please don’t hesitate to give our professional team at Sewell Electrical a call today on 07 5529 9166 .

Commercial electrical contractors Gold Coast

With over 30 years’ experience with commercial contracts we understand the importance of meeting deadlines, minimising downtime and ensuring work meets all health and safety legislation. All of our commercial Electrical Contractors on the Gold Coast work to industry best practices. We are experienced at project managing both commercial and industrial jobs, we understand that communication with other tradesmen, time management and organisation is required to bring a project in on time and on budget.

As a developer or site manager you need a team of electricians that can work alongside other trades on site, including your architects, designers and site managers, and who can interpret the schematics for the project, allowing for careful planning and the scheduling of work. The team at Sewell all strictly adhere to the ECAQ’s Safety Connect Guidelines and ensure all work is fully compliant with Occupational Health and Safety standards. We know it’s imperative to plan work with the other trades as often one trades to ensure there are no delays in the crossover between trades.

Our team is experienced at dealing with the challenges of working on large commercial projects, we are flexible if plans, we can effectively communicate with other contractors and work in a clean efficient manor on site.

By choosing Sewell Electrical you can be assured that you are choosing a contractor that is accredited and monitored to the highest industry standards. Licenced electricians have proven they have the experience and expertise to provide you with safest solutions for your property. We adhere to a strict code of ethics which has given us a strong customer base in both commercial and domestic industries. If you would like more information about our electrical contractors Gold Coast please contact one of our team on 07 5529 9166 .

Advantages of solar panels Gold Coast

Queensland is Australia’s second largest state and is referred to the “Sunshine State” due to the tropical weather. If there was ever a place to take advantage of solar power it would be here. Sewell electrical have an experienced team of fully qualified electricians who install solar panels on Gold Coast homes.

The benefits of solar panels are numerous, not only for protecting the environment, but also for your pocket. Solar panels are non-polluting. Most come with a considerable warranty of around 25 years, but the life expectancy is considerably longer. They are incredibly low maintenance; you only need to ensure the glass surface is kept reasonably clean. They are also work entirely from a renewable energy source, and we are not endanger of depleting the planets reserves, the energy and heat from the sun is free, meaning after the initial set up there are no further expenses to power them.

They are also incredibly versatile for use around your home, there are 2 main types of solar panel, one is thermal for hot water heating and the other is photovoltaic to create electricity for your home.

With the continuing rise in electricity bills throughout the world and calls for more long term sustainable solutions to power our homes and lives, solar power is the perfect solution for most homes and businesses to begin steps towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle. The initial capital cost of buying the solar panels and the installation are offset over the lifespan due to the very low running costs. Purchase and installation are further reduced by government subsidies that you may be eligible for.

Greenhouse gases and global warming are driving us to finding a more conservative source of energy to support our modern lifestyles. Solar panels Gold Coast provides an ideal solution to start saving you money over the long term.

Why our data cabling services are so popular

As technology continues to grow at a rapid rate, it is only logical that there must be systems in place to enable the smooth and efficient transfer of data between all kinds of devices. Today’s blog post will explore how the highly professional and experienced team at Sewell Electrical is able to utilize data cabling Gold Coast to benefit every home and business in South East Queensland.

Business data cabling

In any office, it is important to have an effective system in place to enable a smooth and transparent transfer of data between systems. Whether it be an internet connection, a fax machine or an advanced telecommunications system, the team at Sewell Electrical is able to assist.

The team at Sewell understands that time equals money, which is why any data cabling project is performed with the absolute minimal interruption to current business operations. A testament to Sewell’s efficiency is in the way that the systems are installed with the flexibility to easily expand in the future.

Home networking

Data cabling services are not simply restricted to giant offices or buildings. Data cabling services are quite often performed in countless residential properties, where many telephone, fax, internet and cable TV services can often become a nightmare. The systems are installed in a way that makes all the technology in your home work in synergy, with reliable and secure connections that doesn’t need a degree in rocket science to understand.

In today’s blog post, we have explored some of the ways that data cabling Gold Coast can benefit any business or home across South East Queensland. If you would like to find out more about how data cabling could benefit you, simply give our highly experienced and professional team at Sewell Electrical a call today
on 07 5529 9166 .

What services does a commercial electrician offer?

If you have ever had a power black-out at home you’ll understand how extremely frustrating it can be to not have access to any electrical services. Electricity runs so many major systems in our homes, including heating/cooling systems, refrigeration and lighting services. If they cause this many problems in one single house, just imagine the issues that arise in a commercial environment such as an office block or a shopping centre. It’s such a large and complex job that only a certified and experienced Commercial Electrician Gold Coast is able to assist.

Experienced and certified commercial electricians are able to undertake electrical projects that no other electrician would touch. The majority of these projects are large and complex, such as unit block wiring, underground installations, data cabling and shop & office fit outs. These intricate jobs must also be done in a way that meets all of the current Health and Safety requirements for their respective buildings. This attention to safety is to ensure that the electrical fittings are safe for both the electricians and the people that work/live in them.

Commercial electricians are also able to perform common electrical jobs such as the installation of new power sockets, fans and lights. Due to the frequency of these installations when compared to a domestic property, commercial electricians often form a strong relationship with their clients. This relationship is built on a mutual understanding of the quality and style of work that needs to be performed. This business relationship can also extend to offer 24/7 emergency support for those stressful times when electrical systems malfunction.

If you are looking to form a business relationship with a highly trained and experienced Commercial Electrician Gold Coast, look no further than the respected team at Sewell Electrical. For over 30 years, the team at Sewell have been providing a leading electrical service to homes and businesses all across the Gold Coast. To find out what Sewell can do for your residential or commercial property, simply give them a call today on 07 5529 9166 .

How to save money with solar panels on the Gold Coast

Many people are constantly looking at ways in which they can save money whilst also doing their bit to protect the environment. One solution to help you combat both of these issues is to think about installing solar panels Gold Coast on your home as you can make the most of our natural resources to power your electrical items. Here at Sewell Electrical we are specialist electrical contractors who can provide a team of fully qualified and experienced electricians for a range of services. We work with both commercial and domestic customers and ensure that all of our work is carried out with high safety standards set in place.

As energy prices continue to rise, this has seen an increasing number of people choosing to install solar panels at their home to try and combat these costs. We use the latest in modern technology to ensure you receive the most from your solar panels and make sure you really do save money.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a domestic customer wanting panels for your home or you’re a commercial customer looking at panels for your business as we can provide you with a qualified electrician to complete any work.

We will tailor our systems completely to your needs by discussing how much power you will need to produce and then how we can help you achieve this. If you’re focussed on helping the environment then solar panels are ideal as not only will they save you money but they will also lower your carbon footprint, providing you with clean and green energy.

By joining the solar revolution, you will certainly notice a drop in your energy bills whilst also effectively playing a part in protecting the environment. Contact the team here at Sewell Electrical if you’re interested in installing solar panels Gold Coast at your home or to find out more about the services we offer, feel free to take a look at our website today.

Do you have a trustworthy electrician?

Whether you are the owner of a number of domestic properties, a single home or a sizeable commercial setting, the chances are you will be acquainted with an electrician to call upon for electrical tasks. Many people tend to stick to the same service providers simply because it saves the time and hassle of searching for an alternative, despite the fact that you may not be getting what you really deserve. Here at Sewell Electrical, we know what it takes to be a trustworthy electrician Gold Coast, so continue on as we explore the ways in which you can find out if your electrician can be trusted.

Trust is often built on experience so this should be the first thing to look for when assessing an electrician. With this in mind, we have been in operation since 1980, giving our valued customers peace of mind that we possess an abundance of relevant experience.

Price is another aspect to consider as you will undeniably be looking for a reasonable cost without this having a detrimental effect on the finished results. It is important to remember that if a price sounds too good to be true, it could be due to poor quality parts and services that will lead to further problems in the near future. Competitive pricing is the core of our business, but this is never at the expense of unrivalled quality.

A trustworthy electrician will always perform electrical tasks in strict adherence to the ECAQ’s Safety Connect guidelines, so do not be afraid to ask them about their knowledge of these guidelines. If they are unfamiliar with these guidelines then this is a strong indication that the service they provide will be substandard.

Whether you are worried about how much you can really trust your current electrician or you are seeking an electrician for the first time, the experts here at Sewell Electrical are on hand to provide all manner of electrical services such as test and tag as well as home automation. For a trustworthy electrician Gold Coast, get in touch with us today by filling in the contact form located on our website.

For more information or to arrange an on-site inspection, give us a call on 07 5529 9166 today.

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