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Home automation services on the Gold Coast

Simple, cost-effective and fully programmable. Home automation involves linking your lighting, entertainment audio & video systems,
home communications and intercom, security, irrigation and networking.

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Storm Surge: Electrical Storms Wreak Havoc on Appliances

With summer comes the inevitable summer thunderstorm. These can be benign or severe depending on the level of moisture in the air and amount of electrical activity in the area.


Electrical Safety for Children: Inside the House

Here at Sewell Electrical, we take great pride in installing the safest and the most reliable electrical systems to homes and offices all over the Gold Coast, Robina and Tweed. 


We install and maintain safety switches

At Sewell Electrical we are extremely environmentally conscious, and as a result consider ourselves to be proactive in reducing the effect that our fellow citizens have on the environment.


  • Sensors throughout the home provide the automation system with information on your movements. We program your home automation systems to provide appropriate lighting, climate conditions, security, music and other multimedia requirements as you move throughout your home.

  • Energy saving: Sensors and time clocks can detect occupancy movement, natural light levels, and time of day. With this information, we can provide artificial lighting only when required - saving energy and lowering electrical bills. Sensors can turn off lighting in areas where there is already sufficient natural lighting or when it is detected that an area is no longer occupied.

  • Single control: Control panels or touch panels can be programmed with features that allow us to do multiple things with one button. For example, an away button at our front door can turn off all the lighting in our home and turn on the security system, or a good night button next to our bed can turn off all lighting and systems in our home so you can be assured there is nothing left on to waste energy. Single buttons can also set moods by turning on and dimming lighting appropriately, or switching on our favourite music.

  • Climate control: The climate needs of the occupant can be stored and provided to the occupant in the most efficient manner possible. Natural elements that assist in the undesired climate conditions can be automatically shut out before the use of artificial cooling or heating. For example, when a home is too hot, certain blinds or shutters can be closed automatically, and windows can be opened for ventilation.

  • Security: Home automation systems provide better security to the occupants of a home. Emergency lighting can be activated during a fire alarm, the whole house can be lit when intrusion is detected, or alarm systems can alert us on our phones. Security cameras can also be viewable over the internet when we are away.

  • Irrigation: Irrigation systems can be interfaced to the home's central controllers so your garden is always watered. Moisture sensors are used to detect the level of moisture in gardens so irrigation systems are never turned on when gardens are already sufficiently watered.

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